My philosophy

Hi. I am Esli.
When is was young i always wanted to a be superhero.
It was a passion to make a difference. Unfortunately i didn't turn into a one, but i still have the drive to make a difference with the projects i initiate. No, i am not wearing a cape but i do try to make a positive impact on the world around me. Confronting. True. From the heart.
Ambitious, yes i know. But hey, thats me.

Many years a go i watched Stefan Sagmeister on Ted X, the topic of his presentation was: Good design can change the world. His talk impacted me. From that day i knew, this is it, this is what i want to do. Make beautiful books, posters, websites, installations, but especially, create a certain awareness, for beauty, for goodness, for .......

Just like Batman i like to work with nice, capable people and combine our powers, to get the best out of each other and achieve a commonly goal. And enjoy it. The fun factor is something i find very important.
Fun, combined with high quality.

Besides self initiated projects i work on a commissioned base.
I care for people and their goals. It doesn't matter if you are a big name or a small player. If i see the potential and think it is nice and fruitful, i will be glad to help you to achieve your goals. Diversity is key. I don't think in big or small, i think in terms of nice.

I decided to just show you a glimpse of my projects on this website. Over here you find the way i work. Content. If you want to see more of my projects i advice you to visit the Facebook page:
Esli Tapilatu graphic design. (coming soon)

Mail me at:
Call me at: +31 6 412 085 10

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